The Project MTP aims to strengthen the human capital across the Uzbek managerial community placing particular emphasis on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME). Its vision is to improve the performance of the SME sector in Uzbekistan and consequently contribute to the growth of GDP and employment rate.


“Management Training Programme (MTP) – Capacity Building for SME Management in Uzbekistan” is funded by the European Union and will be executed by a consortium led by European Profiles S.A., Greece, which also includes WYG International Limited, United Kingdom, CCI Paris Ile-de-France, France, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (BCI), United Kingdom,PLANET S.A., Greece, and Anticrisis Management Consulting (AMC), Uzbekistan.


The specific objective of the Project in Uzbekistan is to increase the amount of qualified and competent entrepreneurs and managers (human capital) who are able to effectively start up and manage local SMEs and to ensure their sustainable development in a long term perspective, which, in turn, will promote business development in Uzbekistan.


During the training and internships in EU companies Uzbek managers will be able to exchange experience with their EU colleagues, learn about modern management methods, and get acquainted with European business culture. Uzbek companies will have the chance to build up a network with new EU business partners, increase their competitiveness and business performance and bring international business cooperation in Uzbekistan to a new level.

Latest news
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27 Jun
Call for Applications for Internships in EU Countries in 2017 - 2018

The EU funded project “Management Training Programme (MTP) – Capacity building for SME management in Uzbekistan” announces a call for applications.

27 June 2017 | Read more
12 Jun
Prior Notice - Call for Applications for Internship in EU Companies

EU funded “Management Training Programme (MTP)” is starting new call for application for internships in EU companies for Uzbek SME managers.

12 June 2017 | Read more
09 Jun
First seminar by Nukus Training Center

Training center in Nukus "Qarakalpaq Biznes Talim" implemented its first independently organized and self-financed seminar addressed to local SMEs.

9 June 2017 | Read more
20 Dec
Networking meeting on the topic of renewable energy

MTP manager, Akbar Ishmuradov, has held a networking meeting to share his internship experience.

20 December 2016 | Read more