Doing business in Uzbekistan

Doing business in Uzbekistan


Warm and sunny Uzbekistan meets hospitably and warm-heartedly its guests. A natural landscape of this country is splendid whereas its location in the middle of Central Asia attracts businessmen doing business in Uzbekistan from all over the world. A private sector just begins its evolvement and success here. And it is no coincidence that a British company ‘Maplecroft’ has put Uzbekistan onto the 20th position according to a risk and market development analysis. Hence, it makes obvious that this country is very attractive in terms of the global business.


The government strongly supports the ideas of business development in Uzbekistan. The authorities welcome any initiative from foreign investors. According to the investment potential of Uzbekistan’s industry the first place belongs to natural gas production, then petrol, precious metals, tourism, cotton breeding, agriculture, and so on. Nowadays many foreign enterprises from Russia, China, South Korea, Italia, Germany, Turkey, etc. conduct their affairs here.


Development of tourist sphere has always been prosperous in Uzbekistan at all times. There was nothing new to think out, but to make business calculations and render services in this sector. And now the authorities’ ideas to turn the country into the center of travel catering are being brought into life. In 2014 the country was visited by more than 600 thousand travelers from all over the world. Anyone who feels like it is able to afford himself repose in Uzbekistan. The prices vary according to the level of service. Furthermore the Uzbek cuisine is adored by all tourists. Its recipes are handed down from generation to generation. And a great number of restaurants utilize the idea of revival of this wonderful cuisine. Hotel-catering business now gains momentum across the whole Uzbekistan, developing new services and introducing advanced cutting-edge facilities for qualitative people assistance.


The sale of fruits and vegetables also never stopped in Uzbekistan. The products are ecologically friendly and have perfect palatability traits. As for the Oriental sweets, tea, souvenirs, and carpets – they have charmed the whole world. Uzbek businessmen stand to benefit exactly from this production, exporting it abroad and obtaining high incomes.


According to the expert analysis a small business is successfully developed in the country, maintained by legal framework, human resource training, and concessional loans. Today it amounts to around 50% of the total economical advancement of Uzbekistan. Growth of work positions and revenues is the overriding priority of the Uzbek government.