EU project in Uzbekistan

EU project in Uzbekistan 


Over the past few years we may behold the intensification of the political dialogue between European Union and Uzbekistan. The two parties have different themes on the agenda: political reforms, supremacy of the statute law, commercial and economic relations, cooperation in the energetic sphere, regional partnership, and international issues.


Trade and economic component of the bilateral relations between EU and Uzbekistan has a great potential, so the parties negotiate the issues concerning business and investment climate. EU maintains the Republic’s plans to join the World’s Trade Organization and is ready to render assistance in this direction. The partners have related views on the rural development. Uzbekistan and EU want to strengthen cooperation in the sphere of power industry and are eager to realize the bilateral memorandum on common ground in the field of the power industry.


European Union also adheres to the pragmatic approach concerning the utilization of water resources from transboundary rivers in Central Asia, which implicates the joint elaboration of a stable and transparent mechanism of cooperation by the interested countries in the area of water and energetic issues on the basis of keeping of ecological balance and principles of fair and rational use of water resources of transboundary rivers with the help of EU funding in Uzbekistan.


Moreover, in order to reinforce human capital assets of all managerial society in Uzbekistan with paying much attention to small and medium enterprises, to increase the productivity of small and medium enterprises sector in the Republic from the point of view of gross domestic product and generating employment, European Union handles financing of “Management Training Program”. The main goal of the EU project in Uzbekistan is to assist in increasing of professional businessmen and managers (Developing Human Capital), who are capable to manage efficiently the enterprises of small and medium business and to provide their sustainable growth on a long-term horizon.


Furthermore European Union devotes funds amounting to 168 mln euro for Uzbek projects on the period of 2014-2020. The projects are of quite a wide array, including  agriculture, its diversification and departure from monoculture to a wider variety of cultures, support of cattle breeding and medium family and cooperative enterprises. A considerable part of efforts and funds is directed to improvement of irrigative infrastructure, water-efficient processes in this field, creation of new forms of water resources distribution in the country. Besides, this agro-food business, development of companies, fresh capacity in food manufacture will stimulate an agricultural development and crop farming.