EU Companies. Frequently asked questions

1. How an EU company can apply as a host enterprise/Can EU enterprise participate in MTP project?

All companies from EU members’ states’ operating in the eligible economy sectors can participate in EU Management Training Programme.They should submit their willing by using the online form.


2. Is there any funding available?

The MTP Project does not foresee any funding for the EU host companies.


The MTP Project foresees financial contribution only for Uzbek managers or entrepreneurs, who will be selected for internships in EU companies and covers all the expenses to accommodation and subsistence in European Union countries, visa, insurance etc. andpart of related to travel costs.


3. What are the MTP project objectives, related to EU companies?

  • Network, build strong new business partnerships and mutual trust,which is the most significant aspect of business in Uzbekistan and Central Asia;
  • Learn about Uzbekistan and CIS markets and expand EU companies business opportunities;
  • Access to another Central Asia and CIS markets via existing networks of the partner company (from which the intern comes) in Uzbekistan;
  • Interact with managers or entrepreneurs from other Uzbekistan and get opportunities to collaborate with them;
  • Open a new emerging market for EU goods and/or services;
  • Create bilateral investment opportunities,potential for joint manufacturing, subcontracting and other projects.