The main goal of the internships programme of the MTP project is to support the medium and high level managers of SMEs functioning in Uzbekistan to strengthen and upgrade their management skills and knowledge in different business areas through organization of practical internships in leading firms and companies in European Union (EU) countries. The participants of the internships will have a chance to a gain modern practical business management experience via being engaged in management processes (e.g. attending meetings, discussions and brain storming) in hosting EU firms and companies, get advice and mentoring from colleagues in related firms and companies regarding modern tools and methods of business management applied in EU firm and companies. At the same time, interns will have a unique chance of attending different business, corporate and social events organized by the host companies to get first hand experience of business culture and etiquette in EU companies.


The internships will also provide the participants an opportunity to build up a network with new EU business partners and increase their competitiveness and business performance of their local firms, via bringing back (from EU) new ideas, technologies and creating a basis for future direct investments.


To find more about eligibility criteria, selection processes, and others for interested candidates, please, refer to the "Internships. Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section.