Internships. Frequently asked questions

1. Who can participate in the MTP project internships?

Medium and high level managers from SMEs functioning in Uzbekistan can apply for MTP internships.


2. Are the internships designed only for citizens of Uzbekistan?

Yes, all the applicants for the internships should have Uzbekistan citizenship.


3. What is the maximum age limit?

There is no limitation according to age, however, the applicant should have minimum work experience indicated in the eligibility criteria for applicants.


4. What are the eligibility criteria for applicants?

Please, click here to see the eligibility criteria for SMEs and their managers.


5. What are the exact economy sectors the potential SMEs and their managers will be selected from?

The list of MTP project’s target sectors for planned internships have been selected based on comprehensive methodology, taking into consideration the importance of these sectors to socio-economic development strategies of Uzbekistan and policies directed to the development SMEs by the Government of the country. The full list of the sectors can be downloaded in the following link.


6. How can I apply for participation in the internship program, when the application process begins?

The applications from the candidates will be accepted through a web based application form at MTP web site. The detailed instructions on filling the application form and additional documents to be submitted in support to the application form will also be provided on MTP web site.


7. How many people will be selected to participate in the internships?

As MTP project is at its final stage, it is planned to have the last cycle of internship programs in EU companies during January - June 2018. During this period maximum 50 managers from SMEs in Uzbekistan will be sent to the internships.


8. What is the duration of the internships?

The internships are expected to be up to 2 weeks long.


9. How the host companies in EU will be selected/assigned for internship? Can the selected candidates also take part in selection of the host company?

The host companies in EU will be selected through existing networks of MTP project consortium, EU embassies in Uzbekistan, Chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan and other channels, according to selected economy sectors for internships.


Yes, the selected candidates can also propose host companies (e.g. if they have partner companies in EU would like to accept them for internship) and MTP project will take the final decision if the proposed host company meets the requirements.


10. How the expenses related to the internship will be covered?

All the expenses related to travel costs (except 400 euro contribution for air ticket to be made by the participant), accommodation in European Union countries, visa, insurance are covered by MTP Project


11. I have some additional questions for which I couldn’t find answers. Whom I can refer to address them?

Please, contact us using the phone and email addresses provided in the contacts section of web site for any additional questions you have.