Workshop on "Writing a Business Plan" in Nukus

Published: 28 November 2016

On November 24-25, 2016, the Training Centre at the Nukus branch of CCI has independently organized and held a seminar on "Writing a business plan" in accordance with the approved schedule of demonstration workshops in the training center of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The seminar was attended totally by 14 persons: representatives of the business community in the field of transport, services and trade, the students of the Karakalpak State University and Nukus College, as well as CCI management staff in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.


During the seminar, the trainers of the Training Center R.Zarikeev and K.Azerbaev have provided the listeners with detailed information on the basics of creating their own business, the practical arrangements and the specific preparation of business plans and their structure, the optimal volume of training documentary (25-30 pages), as well as the need to prepare a brief summary of the business plan.


At the same time, the participants had the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of proper budgeting, production plan, forecast, and taking into account the risks of a new business activity for the subsequent obtaining the necessary credit funds of commercial banks of the republic.


Particular attention of the audience was attracted to the effective marketing research for successful implementation of business ideas. Also disclosed the basic provisions of the Japanese "Kaizen" system - as a successful mechanism for the development of Japanese companies and firms using the philosophy of continuous updating (introduction of effective innovations) production and management systems in manufacturing plants and companies.


The workshop was conducted with the use of multimedia in the form of an interactive dialogue (including group work), where students were able to get detailed answers to their questions, including the levels of budget payments rates and tax incentives, the benefits of using the "Single Window" system, which reduces the time entrepreneurs to obtain authorization procedures.


At the end of the event, listeners of the seminar were granted with certificates by the Administration of regional Chamber of Commerce.

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