Workshop on "Applied Accounting in Business" was held in Bukhara

Published: 5 December 2016

On December 1, 2016, the Training Centre at the Bukhara branch of CCI has independently organized and held a seminar on "Applied accounting in business" in accordance with the approved schedule of demonstration workshops in the training center of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The seminar was attended by representatives of business circles of the farming, textile industry, innovative technologies, the construction industry, trade, service delivery (typography, photos, etc..), transport logistics, as well as CCI staff management in Bukhara region of 16 people (7 of which were women).


During the seminar, I.Sharipov (chief business trainer of the "Kamolot" Youth Movement) and M.Sadikov (head trainer of Bukhara Training Center) on examples in the enterprises of SME have provided the students with detailed information of the main conceptual aspects of small and medium-sized businesses, the creation of forms and methods of accounting service in SMEs, the structure of the accounting departments/divisions (the material part, payroll department, implementing, and others.), as well as the practical aspects of accounting.


Particular attention of the audience was drawn on making a proper policy of financial calculations based on the provisions of the current legislation and normative-legal acts, preparation of settlement of back taxes for buildings, structures, utilities and general business enterprises. It noted the need to comply with the heads of accounting services responsibility for their work and the exclusion of laying their powers to other management / department employees.


Participants also received information on our current standards of accounting, designed according to international standards, terms of preparation and submission of financial reports to the state statistical agencies, storage time of accounting reports at the enterprises.


The practical aspects of business enterprises accounting have been disclosed during the interactive dialogue, including the problematic issues faced in the daily work of the MSE companies.


Particularly, to ensure the stable operation of the company, receiving and servicing of loans and others was noted a need of coordinated work of director and chief accountant. The responsibility of accounting for the correct formation of the company's development strategy, the need for timely information written by accountants to business leaders on possible problematic issues.


In addition, in order to avoid penalties, the attention is paid to the need for timely informing the accounting services of the controlling bodies of business enterprises.


The seminar had a constructive exchange of views on various issues of accounting, including obtaining short-term loans for MSE (9% rate), legally sound methods of asserting the business plans in financial institutions of the republic, clearance by the presence of a tax debt reports, design debt reviews in tax organs, the distribution of received to the account funds to pay various types of taxes through electronic system and others.

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