Published: 28 August 2017

The European Union (EU) funded project “Management Training Programme (MTP) – Capacity building for SME management in Uzbekistan” (hereafter the Project) announces a call for applications for internships in EU Business Support Organizations (BSOs) designed for staff members of BSOs in Uzbekistan. The internships will take place in BSOs located in 28 EU countries. Successfully selected candidates and/or the Project can propose hosting EU BSOs based on mutual agreement.


Participation in trainings/seminars and internships of the Project are free of charge for all selected BSO candidates. The Project covers all expenses such as air travel, accommodation, visa and insurance.


Eligibility Criteria


BSOs must

  1. Be non-profit and operating in Uzbekistan for at least for 3 years;
  2. Be functioning in the field of provision of support in establishment and further development of small business and private entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, including strengthening of export potential of businesses, import substitution, etc.;
  3. Provide support to SMEs.


BSO experts must have

  1. University degree;
  2. Practical working experience in the field of rendering practical support to development of SME sector in Uzbekistan;
  3. Good command of English (or of the language spoken in hosting EU BSO);
  4. Good communication and presentation skills;
  5. Good computer and internet skills. 


Only those BSO experts who meet the above given eligibility criteria can apply for MTP internships. BSO experts must ensure their BSO complies with the criteria before making an application.





Applicants should download the application form, fill it in on a computer, sign and put the stamp of the organization. Please send signed and scanned copy of the application form in PDF format to the following email


Candidates are required to bring to the Project office or send via post one sealed envelope containing the signed hard copy of the application form and the below mentioned required additional documents.


The documents must reach the Project office no later than 5pm, September 29, 2017. Applications received only before 5pm, September 29, 2017 will be considered for evaluation.





1.     Application form with signature and stamp;

2.     An organizational chart of a BSO;

3.     Short presentation of the BSO in PowerPoint;

4.     Invitation from a EU BSO (if available);

5.     Candidate’s CV;

6.     Copy of BSO registration certificate and copy of statutory document (latest version);

7.     Candidate’s passport copy;

8.     Copy of candidate’s university diploma;

9.     Certificate(s) proving the general working experience (copy of Τrudovaya knijka);

10.  Certificate from HR department of the company confirming the position of the candidate in the BSO


Project MTP Office Address

Avenue 4, Amir Temur Street, 100047 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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