Trainings of trainers

The main goal of the “Training of Trainers (ToT)” programme of the MTP project is to create a pool of professional trainers who would be able to act as trainers (after finishing the ToT programme) in professional  training programs focused on different needs of SMEs sector in Uzbekistan, organized by Chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan and other Business Support Organizations, and provide managers and professionals working in SMEs sector a modern knowledge on advanced management techniques, market analysis, exports promotion, business network building, thereby generally promoting the economic and business development in Uzbekistan.


After completing the programme and mentoring process, the trained trainers should be able to:


  • Explain the prevention-science research base and put it into practice;
  • Use effective instructional methods;
  • Deliver the training and technical assistance components to the small business actors with fidelity.
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of a certified trainer


To find out more about the eligibility criteria, selection processes for ToT programme, and others for interested candidates, please, refer to the "Trainings of Trainers. Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section.