Training needs assesment report



By Yiannis Zervas Key Expert 2

on Training and Capacity Building


This work was commissioned by the MTP project in order to provide practical information on the nature of the training needs and opportunities existing within the: CCIU and its TCs, the Business Support Organisations and the SMEs in the Uzbekistan. The TNA aims at analysing customers’ demands and developing an approach for satisfying their needs. It concerns the MTP Project’s relevant activity 2.4 “Design and implement training programs”, mainly the external customers of CCIU structure and CCIU TCs, referring to the future training that will be provided firstly to the ToT group and afterwards to the SME entrepreneurs countrywide.


While it is acknowledged that Training Needs Assessments serve more fundamental purposes, in HRD terms, such as the provision of necessary information to develop staff development and promotion strategies within organisations, in this case, the assessment is being used for a narrower, more practical purpose, that is to help the MTP project design training and capacity building interventions, which are rooted in the expressed needs of those (micro and small firms, CCIU and BSOs staff), who will be the recipients of the training.


In planning this work it was realised that full and detailed information would be difficult to acquire, in particular difficulties were anticipated in relation to the acquisition of:

  • Comprehensive information on previous training received
  • Entrepreneurs assessment on the previous training provided and opinion about the needs of future training


This proved to be the case, nevertheless, in view of the objective set for this Training Needs Assessment and the methodology used by the consultant, these difficulties have not diminished the value of the report as a basis for the planning of the project’s training programme.


The report was prepared by the KE2 for Training and Capacity Building Yiannis Zervas during the month of June 2014.


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