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Companies from all EU members states interested in development of business relation with enterprises from Uzbekistan by hosting Uzbek managers for 2 weeks during 2018 are invited to express their willing and register in our website.


For more information about the programme, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the MTP Project Office via e-mail: mtpeu.uz@gmail.com or mtp@mtpeu.uz for more details.


What are the Benefits for host Company?


The main idea of the internships will be supporting the establishment of a direct business relationships between hosting EU companies and Companies in Uzbekistan managers of which are participating in the internships, improve International business cooperation and give the opportunity to get more information about benefits of doing business in Uzbekistan. The interns (the managers) will spend up to 4 weeks in the hosting company and explore the potential opportunities for collaboration with hosting company (purchase of technology and equipment, investment, trade, manufacturing, etc) and learn exiting business management techniques in the company for following application in their home companies and improve business develompent in general.


The EU funded Management Training Programme of Internships providing a unique forum to build EU – Uzbekistan partnerships. MTP helps European companies create new relationships and strengthen existing ties with Uzbekistan partners and clients. Relationships that will be formed through MTP can serve as a basis for new business development and lead to tangible results.


As a host company participating in the programme, you will benefit from the internships by having the opportunity to:


  • Network, build strong new business partnerships and mutual trust,which is the most significant aspect of business in Uzbekistan and Central Asia;
  • Learn about business opportunities in Uzbekistan and expand your business;
  • Access to another Central Asia and CIS markets via existing networks of the partner company (from which the intern comes) in Uzbekistan;
  • Interact with managers or entrepreneurs from other Uzbekistan and get opportunities to collaborate with them;
  • Work with an energetic and motivated manager or entrepreneur who can contribute to your business as a "fresh eye" on your business;
  • Open a new emerging market for your goods and/or services, while doing business in Uzbekistan;
  • Investments in Uzbekistan - create bilateral investment opportunities, potential for joint manufacturing, subcontracting and other projects;


Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the fastest growing economies in Central Asia (about 8% percent of yearly GDP growth during last decade) with a consumer market of more than 30 million people. As the welfare of the population in the country is increasing year by year, there is also strong growth of demand for new goods and services.


Why in Uzbekistan?


During last two decades, the Republic of Uzbekistan has formed a favourable environment for international business cooperation, broad system of legal guarantees and privileges for foreign investors, developed integral system of measures on encouragement of activity of the enterprises with foreign investments.


As the country is located in the crossroads of the Central Asia, this creates favourable conditions for the development of regional cooperation, participation in regional and transnational projects of transport corridors development. It is a free trade zone with CIS countries. Proximity to the vast trade markets and developed transportation infrastructure of Uzbekistan, integrated into the multimodal Eurasia communication system, also designate the prospects of investment, trade and economic cooperation. Working in Uzbekistan, foreign companies are able to enter the five largest and fastest growing markets: CIS (with a market of over 300 million people), Central and Eastern Europe, South and South-East Asia, Middle East. The developed multimodal network significantly saves time and costs of delivery from Uzbekistan and as transit through the territory of the country.


A full practical information and guide about Uzbekistan, its economy and investment opportunities could be find via "Doing Business 2018 in Uzbekistan" prepared by World Bank and  “Guide to doing business in Uzbekistan” prepared by the PWC.


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